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DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film

DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film

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DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film

Unleash the full potential of your creativity and printing prowess with our DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film, a double-sided coated PET film that's engineered to elevate your printing experience to new heights. This innovative solution ensures not only maximum printer roller traction but also minimal static interference, resulting in crystal-clear printed images without any unwanted artifacts.

Why Choose DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film?

  • Vivid Image Clarity: Our DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film is your gateway to achieving unparalleled image clarity. Say goodbye to faded or distorted prints – with this film, every detail is brought to life with exceptional precision.

  • Perfect for Heat Pressing: Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, this film is your ideal companion for heat pressing. It's designed to perform optimally at a temperature of 320°F, with a pressing time of 7-10 seconds for a hot peel. The result? Your prints are ready faster, and they look stunning.

  • Enhanced Traction: We understand that printer roller traction is essential for achieving sharp, clear prints. Our film maximizes this traction, ensuring that each pass through the printer results in a flawless masterpiece.

  • Minimal Static: Static interference can wreak havoc on your printing process. With minimal static, our DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film lets you focus on creating exceptional prints without the distractions of unwanted artifacts.

Your Gateway to Perfection

Invest in the future of your printing projects with DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film. You're not just getting a film; you're getting a key to unlocking unmatched image clarity and efficiency in your heat pressing endeavors.

Whether you're a professional looking to impress clients with top-notch prints or a passionate creator seeking to bring your designs to life in all their glory, our film is your trusted companion.

Experience the next level of printing clarity, speed, and precision. Embrace DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film and elevate your printing game. Create, impress, and amaze – it's all within your grasp. Get started today and see the difference for yourself!

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