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Smash Stickers



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Click here to download our gang sheet template. Once you create your template export it as a PNG high resolution and add it to your order. 


Direct to Film transfers are a revolutionary printing method that brings your images to life with stunning detail and vivid colors. With DTF, your photos, artwork, and designs will be transformed into prints that are so vivid and clear, they look like they were just captured. Imagine being able to showcase your memories in brilliant, lifelike detail, or having your artwork come alive in a way that captures the essence of your creativity. DTF makes it possible! This cutting-edge printing process offers you a chance to turn your digital images into true works of art, perfect for display in your home or office, or for sale as limited edition prints. Don't settle for ordinary prints, elevate your images with Direct to Film transfers and make a lasting impression.


Compatible Materials


Application Settings

Application Temperature: 320° F

Pressure: Medium

Press Time: 8 – 10 Seconds

Peel: Hot Peel

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